Disputes Regarding the Interpretation of a DTA Agreement Resolved

If there are any disputes in the interpretation or implementation of the terms of DTA Agreements, normal remedies of appeal, provided in the Income-tax Act, are available to the aggrieved party. The DTA Agreements also contain mutual agreement procedures. The aggrieved party may approach the Competent Authority of the Contracting State wherein he is a resident, who, if he is unable to resolve the dispute by himself, will approach the competent Authority of the other Contracting State to arrive at a solution after mutual discussion.

The (Indian) Income-Tax Act also contains a special provision, which is offered to those Non- residents who would like to have advance ruling on a matter of law or fact, in relation to a transaction undertaken or proposed to be undertaken by them. The facilities, available in such provision, can be availed of by Non-residents in the matters regarding Double Taxation of income, also.